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Rural Coastal Fisheries Development Programme Minimize

The objective of this project is to contribute to a sustainable improvement in the welfare of rural coastal communities in PNG by increasing rural family incomes through greater participation in the sustainable harvesting and improved marketing of marine resources. It is anticipated that the following outputs should be achieved:

  • Increased landings of finfish and other underexploited marine resources
  • Increase catch values through improved handling, marketing and distribution
  • Increase annual earnings of fishermen and processing workers trained by the project
  • Improved management of inshore enthic species to allow an increase in the sustainable harvest 

Project components are:

  • Provision of appropriate locally-built fishing boats and equipment which initially will be government owned and operated but will be eventually transferred to fishing families, and managed and maintained by private sector
  • Training in seamanship, fishing skills, fish handling, small business management, processing and export marketing for fishing families and processing firms
  • Developing sustainable fish aggregating devices (FAD) deployment in conjunction with the industrial fishing sector
  • Improve the availability of ice
  • Increase fish retail marketing opportunities by constructing simple fish market facilities
  • Promote education and awareness of marine resources management issues and providing training