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Coastal Fisheries Management and Development Project Minimize

The project was designed to strengthen the capability of provincial and lower levels of government, and of fishery stakeholders to participate in the management and decision-making processes, while also developing infrastructure that will lead to economic and social benefits for commercial and small-scale fishers. The project was aimed at contributing towards the alleviation of poverty in coastal communities through increasing income by promoting sustainable management of resources, developing management capacity and interest at all levels.

The project sought to (i) strengthen the capabilities of  provincial fisheries divisions, improve organization of fishery stakeholders, and promote the co-management of resources; (ii) provide infrastructure needed to promote development and investment by the private sector, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of smallscale fishing operations; (iii) provide project management for a wide range of disparate activities, and carry out special studies required for future infrastructure development.

Project Components are:
1) Fisheries Management & Support;
2) Infrastructure; and
3) Project Management.