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Chinese Government Cold Storage & Fish Processing Plant Minimize

The Project is one of the results of the Aid Agreement between the Chinese Government and the PNG Government on Economic and Technical Cooperation of  20 December, 2002. Following from the December 2002 agreement, an MOU was signed between the two Governments in December 2003, which aimed to increase fisheries cooperation between the two countries.  NFA with the cooperation of the Chinese Government have successfully completed the Fish Processing and Cold Storage Facility at a cost of US$10 million.

It is intended that the Fish Processing and Cold Storage Facility will have tuna loining capacity of 50 tons per day, blast freezing at 15 tons per day, cold storage at 220 tons and ice making at 10 tons per day which essentially represents a huge investment in the sector.

The focus of the facility is to assist the small – medium fisheries entrepreneurs, whether they are one hundred percent locally owned enterprises or joint venture enterprises of foreign and local. However, this does not completely exclude the foreign investors.