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Aquarium Fish Trade Minimize

Marine aquarium fish trade involves the collection of live ornamental fish and invertebrates for display in
public aquariums. The main groups of marine aquarium fishes are coral fish and butterfly fish, anemone fish and damsel fish, surgeon fish, tangs and Moorish idols, wrasses, angel fish, trigger fish, gobies, blennies,
basslets and small groupers, puffer fish, rabbit fish, hawk fish, cardinal fish, boxfish and leatherjackets.
The international aquarium industry is a multi-million dollar industry and PNG has not yet realized its economic
potential. PNG is well posed to fully tap this multi-million dollar trade as the aquarium resources of the country are virtually untapped. In PNG's favour are its ecologically pristine marine environments, abundance of multi species of ornamental fishes which are not found anywhere in the world, sustainable fishing practices and a strongly knitted bond within village communities that may provide for the active involvement of fisheries management areas (or cooperatives).
It should be pointed out that sustainability of aquarium trade, in addition to resource management would be at
the core of ensuring that commercialization of the fishery is successful. This is critical while taking into
account that the skill level and knowledge concerning the trade is very minimal or non existent at this time in
the industry. It is therefore imperative that an entity with the necessary expertise and experience should pioneer ornamental fish trade thereby setting the fundamentals to further develop the industry with minimum