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Pacific Tuna Forum 2019 : Media Workshop 9 September 2019


NBC Managing Director and PNA President, Mr. Kora Nou

PNG FIA President, Mr. Sylvester Pokajam

Media Agencies and Representatives

FFA representatives

NFA Management and Staff


Ladies and Gentlemen:

On behalf of the the Nationall Fisheries Authority I welcome all the representatives of the media companies who are here to attend the media tuna awareness workshop. Tuna is one of our region’s most sustainable resource. For a number of countries in the region it is the only source for their government’s revenue. Tuna is also utilised by people along the coast and islands and atolls as a major source of protein. Tuna fisheries is therefore a very important resource that needs to be managed on a sustainable basis to provide for our livelihoods as well as for the livelihoods of future generations.

The leaders of the Pacific recognised the importance of the tuna fisheries and have worked together in our early years of indepemdence. The establishment of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency is a testament of the region’s resolve to be actively involved in the sustainable management and utilisation of the tuna resources. Our leaders’ foresight in the early years bore fruit with the adoption of the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea in 1982. This provided for the soverign rights of the coastal states in our territorial seas and also the establishment the exclusive economic zones.

Pacific Island Countries continue to work together as FFA members and sub-regionally as the PNA to manage the tuna resources as well as to ensure equitable returns.

The FFA continues to coordinate our participation at the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission. By working together we are able to ensure appropriate conservation and management measures are put in place for the sustainable management of the resources in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean.

The Government of Papua New Guinea through the National Fisheries Authority has invested a lot in the management of the tuna fisheries. These include: A State of the art Vessel Monitoring System; an Integrated Fisheries Information and Management System; and one of the largest fishery observer program in the world.

I am therefore very pleased that the media workshop is taking place prior to the 7th Pacific Tuna Forum. For it is a good opporunity for the NFA, FFA and INFOFISH officials to provide details of the various aspects of the tuna fisheries – from resource management to development, from our national programs to regional collaborations; and the market opportunities and challenges.

In a time of social media and instant news coverages, it is critical that accurate information are provided to the public. I am confident that at the end of the workshop each of you will have a better appreciation of the tuna fisheries.

I wish you all well in your deliberations.


Thank you,



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