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PNG urged Tuna Conferenece to Promote Tuna Sustainability Minimize

Papua New Guinea through the National Fisheries Authority has challenged the World Tuna Conference participants to come up with practical solutions to enhance and promote sustainable fishing. Managing Director of National Fisheries Authority, John Kasu delivered this message as part of ministerial statement on behalf of Hon Mao Zeming, Minister for Fisheries during the World Tuna Conference in Bangkok last month.  “We as custodians of resources have taken the lead, made hard decisions and suffered the pain of driving conservation”, Mr Kasu said.

He said PNG has taken some leading roles in tuna management and conservation measures thus promoting sustainable harvesting of fisheries resources. Mr Kasu said that over the years NFA allowed distant water fishing nation to fish in our waters with minimal access fees but the stock is exploited. The fees, the island nations have received deemed to be insignificant compared to economical values earned from tuna resources.

He said PNG especially National Fisheries Authority’s biggest concern is the conservation and management of tuna resources. He added that PNG has an obligation to ensure our resources are harvested on sustainable basis and concurrently conserving fisheries and marine resources for the future generation. PNG National Fisheries Authority was invited by INFOFISH to participate in this conference and senior NFA staff and other representatives from fishing industry participated in this conference. Roslan Wahed, Marketing Manager for International Food Corporation, thanked National Fisheries Authority for providing the opportunity to participate in the conference. Mr Wahed said that NFA has continuously supporting the industry to participate in seafood expositions and very appreciated of the support from NFA.