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PNG Funded 4th Pacific Tuna Forum in Solomon Islands Minimize

The PNG government through the National Fisheries Authority has committed K1.7million to assist Solomon Islands Government to host the 4th Pacific Tuna Forum from the 18-19 September 2013 in Solomon Islands. 

Since PNG is leading the Pacific with Tuna fisheries Supply, PNG government has recognized the importance of Pacific Tuna Forum by funding the 4th Regional Tuna and Trade Conference.  PNG government through the National Fisheries Authority has recognized this forum since its inception in 2007. This Forum provides a useful platform for the private sector, traders, NGOs and community at large to be meaningfully engage with policy makers and fisheries managers for the management and harvesting of tuna resources in the Pacific.

 Managing Director of National Fisheries Authority Sylvester Pokajam said that this forum has provided an avenue to create awareness and educate our people and national institutions about the importance of tuna resources so that the government can participate significantly in the development of tuna resources in the Pacific.

Mr Pokajam said that Tuna is very important resources for coastal states as this resource provides not only means of income and create employment opportunity but also provide food source throughout generations. Mr Pokajam said that through collaborative effort Pacific countries can manage the tuna resources. “Through Parties to Nauru Agreement (PNA) we continue to work with fisheries scientists and managers  in the region and with industry players and NGOs to continue to explore appropriate conservation and management measures in relations to concerns raised on bigeye and yellowfine tuna stocks”, Mr Pokajam said.

Pacific Island Countries need to share ideas, experiences, skills and knowledge so that they understand industry issues relating to food safety requirements, development and technology aspirations and of course world tuna market trend. The Pacific Tuna Forum provides a platform for the pacific Policy makers and industry players to discuss these issues so that such issues can be disused and addressed precisely to create a competitive environment for sustainable tuna industry developments in the Pacific.

“PNG will continue to experience increase in tuna investment because we believe Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (IEPA) which allows global sourcing”, Mr Pokajam said. He added that fish is caught anywhere in the world but when processed into cooked loins or can gradually qualify for the duty free quota access into EU market. Mr Pokajam who was the former Chairman of PNA told PNA and FFA member countries to tap into IEPA market access.