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Foreign Illegal Fishermen Jailed in PNG for Harvesting Sea Cucumber Fisheries Minimize


Foreign Illegal Fishermen especially from Vietnam Jailed in Papua New Guinea for harvesting Sea Cucumber Fisheries

About   50 foreigners mainly from Vietnam have been convicted by the Bomana District Court and fined K150,000 each for the two captains and K20,000 for the crews and in default imprisonment four  years each with hard labour for illegally harvesting of sea cucumber in Papua New Guinea.

When handing down the decision,   Magistrate John Kaumi said that although Papua New Guinea has prosecuted similar cases related to illegal fishing activities in PNG waters, people don’t care about the crimes committed.  He said people don’t seem to learn from previous or past crimes committed. Instead the offenders continue to commit the similar crimes by voyaging thousands of nautical miles just to commit these crimes in PNG which continues to be a concern for PNG.

He said as such the court will not tolerate similar offenders thus will imposing higher and maximum penalties to the offenders.  The two blue boats entered PNG especially in Milne Bay Province illegally toward the end of last year and engaged in harvesting of sea cucumber (Beche-De-Mer) fisheries. 

The Government through the National Fisheries Authority has banned the selling and harvesting of sea cucumber as part of conservation and management of sea cucumber fisheries.  Mr Kaumi warned the offenders that the court will not tolerate this kind of crimes as this cost PNG government so much in terms of management and conservation of fisheries stock, the enforcement and of course the prosecution.