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BDM Opening Season for 2019 Has been Delayed Until Further Advice Minimize

Beche-de-mer Fisheries opening for 2019 Deferred
The National Fisheries Authority wishes to advice all interested beche-de-mer (BDM) operators,
fishermen, fisherwomen and the general public throughout all Maritime Provinces in Papua New
Guinea (PNG) that the Beche-de-mer fishery opening for the 2019 season is deferred from 1st
July 2019 until further notice.
This decision was reached in consultation with the 2018 BDM licensed operators and the Office
of the Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources. This action is taken in compliance with the
provisions under the current National Beche-de-mer Fishery Management Plan 2018 G368.
The National Fisheries Authority is concerned with the current status of the fishery in the Maritime
Provinces. Early indications from ongoing resource assessment surveys indicate significant
localized depletion of stocks in certain areas, where the surveys have been completed. The
interpretation of the preliminary results could mean that the sea cucumber stocks are experiencing
Interested BDM operators, fishermen, fisherwomen and the general public are also advised that
NFA will be urgently conducting resource assessment surveys in the remaining Maritime
Provinces to further assess the status of the fishery and for the appropriate science and
management advice and appropriate management options to be developed for the continued
sustainable utilization of this fishery in the country.
The NFA is now putting in place systems and science based management tools to strengthen the
management of the fishery and the effectiveness of the current monitoring systems in place to
manage the total allowable catch (TAC) limit. With experiences from the 2018 open season, NFA
is now putting in place a refined National Beche-de-mer Management Plan under the direction of
the NFA Board. refinement, endorsement and gazettal of a revised National Beche-de-mer
Fishery Management Plan , as directed by the National Fisheries Board.
All key issues raised through the stakeholders consultation have been considered and are been
incorporated in the revised Plan.
Any queries on this subject matter be directed to Brian Kumasi (Executive Manager, Fisheries
Management) on Phone: 309 0444, Fax: 320 2061, Email: bkumasi@fisheries.gov.pg.

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