Welcome to The National Fisheries Authority of Papua New Guinea Website - "Effectively Managing our Fisheries and Marine Resources for Sustainable and Equitable Benefits" 

Critical Success Factors Minimize

Success and corporate implementation is underpinned by:

• Adherence to sound governance
• Stable and dynamic strategic leadership
• Strategic work program, planning, implementation, performance management and professional development
• Budget assurance and alignment to Corporate Plan and Annual Work Plans
• Effective risk management and strategic control
• Dynamic key account relationship management and networking
• Early implementation of organizational structure review, job sizing and remuneration
• Benchmarking and performance-based salary

Our Mission Statement Minimize

<PNG Fishing Exclusive Economic Zone Map>PNG Fishing Exclusive Economic Zone

The purpose of the National Fisheries Authority is to pursue our Vision through the operation of best practice service in order to fulfill our national and global obligations. We pursue this through our Business Groups:

1. Directorate

Providing dynamic and transparent leadership,informed decision making, and international recognition for fishery development and management practices

2. Board

Ensuring Good Governance and giving effect to Government Policies in Fisheries Development and Management

3. Corporate Services

Providing Efficient and Effective Administrative and Organizational Services in:

􀀗 Human Resources Management

􀀗 Legal Services

􀀗 Property Management

􀀗 Information Technology and Management

􀀗 Communication and Public Relations

4. Finance and Accounts

Ensuring excellence in accounting and financial practice, investment, risk management, payroll and asset management

5. Fisheries Management

Achieving sustainable fisheries through dynamic, innovative and consultative fishery management

practices and aquaculture development

6. Licensing and Data Management

Delivering a customer focused and timely license processing, data collection, entry and utilization

7. Monitoring, Control and Surveillance

Adopting and sustaining best practice systems in pursuit of full compliance with national,regional and international regulations, laws and codes of conduct

8. Provincial Support and Industry Development

Growing vibrant partnerships and well defined working relationships in pursuit of sustainable and equitable community fisheries, and cost effective management; and ensuring maximized investment, social and economic benefits through strategic relationships and alliances in commercial and industrial fisheries

9. Project Management

Establishing and implementing strategic and innovative project initiatives in support of agreed NFA strategies

10.Institute of Sustainable Marine Resources

Undertaking strategic and sustained intervention in support of sectoral skill development and enhancement, and effective policy implementation