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The organisation is led by a Managing Director appointed by the National Executive Council and empowered to act under the Fisheries Management Act 1998. The Managing Director appoints a Deputy Managing Director.

NFA has been structured into seven business groups, each under the leadership of a Executive Manager reporting directly to the Managing Director. This has created direct accountability for the performance of each business group through a flat organisation structure. All business groups are based in Port Moresby except the Institute of Sustainable Marine Resources (ISMR) which is based in Kavieng, New Ireland Province.

The flat structure is also important to ensure the necessary high level of cross-functional coordination that is achieved through:-
• Regular senior management meetings to discuss issues, coordinate priorities and share information;
• Monthly financial review meetings to present and review the performance of each business group against planned goals, budgets and key performance indicators;
• Project meetings as required to monitor shared activities; and
• Regular ongoing contact and consultation between staff members as necessary. This is encouraged.